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It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving

About Project

Idea of the project

charitySPACE is a full-featured internet platform based on blockchain technology. It is a system built on the Ethereum platform smart contract, through which fundraisings of that currency are organized, the majority of which is donated to charities, orphanages, hospitals and other charitable organizations that care about the welfare of others. In return for participation in the fundraising, a participant takes part in the prize draw. The first stage of the project takes account of intangible awards i.e. ETH and BTC pools. The next stage is the inclusion of material objects such as electronics or motorcycles and cars.


You make a donation

Send to us any quantity of cryptocurrency. We will give you a donation for charity. Everything is clear. The Ethereum smart contract source code is public. You can see what we are doing with your money at any time.


We start collecting funds

We are beginning to collect financial resources to support needy people. Our contract is aimed at people who are just like you the winner of the prize. The idea is to help the needy and reward people with good heart.


We support the needy. You receive a reward.

You have just won the lottery! You will receive a prize which represents 25% of the funds collected. We will charge 5% commission. As much as 70% of the funds will be donated to charity.

How does it work?

The Internet platform (along with the mobile application) charitySPACE organizes charity fundraising and other charity events. A single collection is characterized by duration (e.g., 7 days from the start of the collection) and the threshold for the minimum amount (soft cap) to be collected. Once the minimum collection amount has been exceeded, the system will collect the donated funds and by the end of the duration (for example, at the end of the seventh day of raising) it will draw a winner from the donors.

The prize will be in the form of a cryptocurrency or a material reward. If the soft cap is not reached after the collection time has elapsed, the collected funds return to the accounts of the donors.

Once the collection period has elapsed and the soft cap is reached, the winner will be drawn. The prize is automatically transferred to Blockchain's address of the drawn person. The remaining funds are transferred to the charitySPACE account. This amount (after ablation of own commission) is then exchanged into the FIAT currency and publicly transferred to a charity. All costs associated with the stock exchange, taxes, and a possible turnover within Blockchain ETH/BTC are the concern of the charitySPACE.

Collection example 1 -goal: 233 ETH Prize: 50 ETH

Accepted market price of ETH 300$
Minimum collection threshold 233 ETH (~70 000$)
Duration: 7 days (168 hours), for example 12/01/17 UTC 05:00 - 12/08/17 UTC 5:00
Prize 50 ETH ~ 15000$ (one winner, due to low collection threshold)
Funds collected 233 ETH (minus 50 ETH for winner)
Winner’s prize 183 ETH ~54900$ (233 ETH - 50 ETH) 21.5%
Commission of charitySPACE 233 ETH - 50 ETH = 183 ETH x 10% = 18.3 ETH ~5 490$ (~7,8%)
Funds for Charity Organisation 164,7 ETH ~ 49410$ (~70,5%)
Percentage distribution approximately beneficiary 70.5%, winner 21.5%, organizer 7.8%

Why charitySPACE?

We deeply believe that our experience and transparency of the charitySPACE business model guaranteed by the contract within Ethereum blockchain will defend itself and convince you as investors about the equity of the investment. We are fully aware of the scale of ICO market surpluses and the scale of its deterioration by the promised and not implemented projects.


Helping others is the highest priority for us.

We help in private and in the vast majority through our existing work. Among us are people involved in IT project management with more than 10 years of experience working for multinational corporations, equally experienced programmers and software architects, information developers, specialists in user experience and artists involved in the broad spectrum of graphic work.


We are open to face to face contact.

We speak a lot of languages ​​and we are open to 'face to face' contact - we travel a lot and share our passion at conferences and international trainings. We are professionally stable, however, we want to leave a trace in the cryptocurrency community as people who created a project by people, for people. We all have in common two passions. The first is a passion for building electronic products, the other is the passion associated with blockchain and cryptocurrency.


Created by people, for people.

The model of our project is so simple and clear enough that in response to the question "Why charitySPACE" we decided not to describe the project, but to describe us - as people - because this project is created by people, for people. We are deeply rooted in the idea of ​​electronic money and we deeply believe that this community has the need to help others - we want to manage this with charitySPACE.

Meet our Team

The people who created charitySPACE are a diverse and experienced group. Together we have over a dozen years of experience in the IT industry. We deeply believe that we are able to execute the charitySPACE project.

Dawid Gajek - CEO / Founder at charitySPACE

Dawid Gajek

CEO / Founder

Over 10 years in the IT industry. Experienced IT Business Analyst and Project Manager. An expert in collating customer needs with product business models. An enthusiast of blockchain technology and a long-time investor in start-up projects. Associated with the cryptocurrency mining business.

CTO / Lead Software Developer at charitySPACE

Paweł Napieracz

CTO / Lead Software Developer

A smart contract specialist, deeply involved in the Ethereum platform and technologies related to it. Programmer, software architect. Enthusiast of blockchain technology. Experienced programming developer in the field of cryptocurrency extracting software. Investor and an active member of the blockchain development community.

Creative Director at charitySPACE

Patryk Siedliński

Marketing Director

Experienced professional with a passion for the job, used to employ unique marketing techniques. Skilled marketing strategist, driving creativity and enthusiasm in others.

Product Manager at charitySPACE

Monika Kruczkowska

Product Manager

A visionary who translated the image from her head repeatedly during many years of working with the internet product. An effective manager with many successes in the IT market. She cares about the proper development of the charitySPACE platform. Expert in Graphic Design on the Internet. She cares about the correct technological and functional development of the charitySPACE project.

Donation Manager at charitySPACE

Dagmara Wilmont

Donation Manager

Responsible for allocating resources collected in charitySPACE to relevant public benefit organizations. Public Relations Manager with many years of work experience. Helps others out of passion, not out of business. In her hands we entrust the money we collect in charitySPACE.

Content Developer at charitySPACE

Martyna Białek

Content Developer / PR Specialist

5 years of experience in information management. Experienced copywriter and linguist. Passionate user experience researcher. Has the ability to communicate in many languages. Speaker and public relations coach. Long-term charity worker.


Muhammad Irfan  - CEO at BountyPortals / Advisor

Muhammad Irfan

Advisor / CEO at BountyPortals

An experienced participant of the cryptocurrency market. Bounty Manager with a rich portfolio. Member and Advisor in many ICO projects.


Help us!

If you thinks that you can help us

Contact us by email: [email protected] We are looking for advisors related to the blockchain industry, who can professionally analyze our project and advise us in the further development plan. We are also looking for team members.

Media / Partners

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Our team are people with passion. We are committed to the idea that drives us to develop our daily work.
If you think you are able to contribute to the development of the charitySPACE project, join our team.
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